A Neglected Pool Can Hurt The Sale of Your Home

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An inground swimming pool can certainly enhance the value of a property in Northeast Florida. However, the the swimming pool was installed before 2000, it probably won’t comply with current safety regulations. The Preston de Ibern/McKenzie Merriam Residential Swimming Pool Safey Act outlines requirements for all new residential swimming pools. Proper signage, fencing and barriers need to be installed. You’ll need to install a barrier at least four feet high. There can be no gaps, openings or a structural design that might allow a child to crawl under, climb over or find a way through the barrier. The barrier must surround the perimeter of the pool and be independent from any fence, wall or other enclosure pertaining to the yard. The barrier must be constructed far enough away from the swimming pool’s edge to avoid a child or elderly person who manages to penetrate the fence from immediately falling into the water. Even if the building inspector deems the swimming pool legal, age and neglect can necessitate further expense. Most pool companies charge upwards of $300 for leak detection. The repair of a minor leak in a rectangular 12’ x 24’ pool can range between $300 to $500. If re-plastering is required, the cost can quickly escalate, ranging between $2,500 and $5,000. A swimming pool that has been let go is a detriment to the property. Along with expense, there is a great deal of labor involved with revitalizing the feature. From removing debris to draining the pool, repairing equipment and cleaning, the time, effort and expense can be daunting. One of the many advantages of Obi Buys is there’s no worries about the condition of the property. We make the process simple, quick and rewarding. You can have cash in hand in ten days. Request an offer using our online form. There’s no obligation. We provide a cash offer. If you accept, we take care of the rest.