Are You Trying to Sell a House in Foreclosure?

Obi is Buying Jacksonville Houses in Foreclosure

Don’t let a potential foreclosure get the best of you. If you’re not able to complete your mortgage payments and not in a position to refinance your home, you may be at risk of foreclosing on the property. Time is of the essence. Act quickly and contact Obi Buys today. Obi’s team is here to help. With extensive experience in the Jacksonville real estate market, Obi and his team can offer you a fair price for your property in under an hour.

Does The House Have Unpaid Back Taxes? No Problem.

Do you owe back taxes on your property in Northeast Florida? Are you at risk of foreclosing on your property because of this? Not to worry! Obi Buys, the buying division for Freedom Home Buyers, can help get the property off your hands. Our team will assess your property and provide a price within an hour of contacting us. Even better, we are able to close on the property within 10 days, or on a closing date of your choosing. Do you like the sound of that? Send Obi your property’s address using the contact form on this page to begin the process.

Skip Foreclosure & Get Your Cash Out

Obi Buys is here for you. If you’re interested in selling your foreclosed property, Obi can help! Send a request for to our team for a quick turnaround, fair sale price. When we purchase a property from you, you’re treated like a partner on the team. As experienced home buyers in Northeast Florida, we are proficient at working with those looking to sell their properties quickly. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Choose your preferred closing date and leave the rest up to us!