Obi is Buying Inherited Houses

Sell Your Inherited Property in Jacksonville for Cash

Have you inherited a home from a family member? Is it more of a burden than something you enjoy? If you’ve inherited an estate and are looking to sell it, Obi Buys can help! Obi has 10 years of home buying experience and will offer a fair price for your inherited home. To learn more and to begin the selling process, send Obi’s team the address through the web form on this page. Obi or another team member will give you a call within an hour to help determine the value of the property you inherited.

Getting Rid of an Inherited House is Easy!

Through conventional methods, selling an inherited estate can be a lot of work for both parties involved. However, when you work with Obi Buys, the buying division of Freedom Home Buyers, we do all of the heavy lifting to get the sale done quickly and easily. We are proud to offer a 10 day close or close on whichever date you prefer. If you don’t live in Jacksonville but inherited a property here, we can arrange to send closing documents to an attorney near you or wait to close the deal until you can come to Jax. Either way, we handle all of the closing costs and we pay all of the fees, no matter what challenges may come our way. All you have to do is send us the property address to receive a fair price for your inherited real estate!

Owning a Property in Florida is Great, Selling One is Even Better.

Owning an inherited estate in Jacksonville may seem glamorous or like a fun adventure, but oftentimes these properties are left in disarray by the original owner. The home itself may be old and in need of major repair and you might not be in a position to make the repairs or prefer not to deal with the hassle. That’s where Obi and the team come in: We will take the home off your hands regardless of condition, for a reasonable price. You’ll no longer have the headache of the property and money in your pocket. Take advantage of high real estate prices in Jacksonville and cash out!