Obi is Paying Cash for Homes in Jacksonville

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Are you considering selling your home in Northeast Florida? There are many things to consider when you’ve decided to sell your property. One of those items to think about is cash versus financed deals. Cash deals have extensive perks, allowing you to close on the home quickly. Without having to jump through hoops for a bank, the process moves faster. If this sounds appealing to you, contact Obi Buys today.

Sellers Love Working With a Cash Home Buyer

When you work with a cash buyer, you will be amazed at how seamless the process is. Obi has 9 years of real estate experience. They are able to close on the sale of your property in 10 days! Even better, we allow you to choose the specific date and time of the closing. Enjoy the ease of the sale when you work with a cash buyer like Obi Buys.

Cash Transactions Are Simple

Working with a cash buyer is preferred in many instances as it poses a low risk for the seller. When you’re dealing with a financed deal, you’ve got to ensure the bank is ready to hold the mortgage. One slip up and the financing may fall through! Because Obi purchases homes with 100% cash, you’ll never have to worry about the deal collapsing. To begin the selling process, give us a call today at 904-593-4699!