Obi is Buying Rental Properties in Jacksonville

Are You a Tired Landlord with Bad Tenants?

Do you own a rental property and are looking to sell it? Have you experienced bad tenants over the years and want to rid yourself of the responsibility of managing them? Perhaps you feel tired as a landlord and don’t want the hassle of handling a rental property and the responsibilities that come with it anymore. Getting ready to sell the property may entail a decent amount of work as well. Turn to Obi Buys, the buying division of Freedom Home Buyers to sell the property in ‘as-is’ condition for a fair price.

Sell Your SFR, Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex, or Apt Complex for Cash

At Obi Buys, we specialize in purchasing properties that may have damage or are sitting vacant, are in foreclosure or probate and more! We offer fast and reasonable prices, all completed and to you in under an hour! Our team has extensive experience in working in the real estate market and will close on your property within 10 days, at a date of your choosing. If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, get in touch with us today at 904-593-4699.

Owning Rental Properties in Florida is Great, Selling Them is Even Better.

Are you looking for a return on your rental property investment? Have you had your fill of dealing with tenant requested repairs and increased cost of utilities, insurance and taxes over the years? Perhaps you are looking to reduce your stress and scale back. Give Obi a call at 904-593-4699. We will work one on one with you to get the sale of your rental property completed quickly and efficiently, while ensuring you’re paid a fair market price. Take advantage of high Jacksonville real estate prices and cash out!