Avoid the effort of preparing a property for conventional sale

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Preparing a house for sale often involves a great deal of time, effort and expense. The property may require a new roof or HVAC system, repairs to windows and doors or updates to kitchen and bathrooms. The electrical system might fail to meet code and safety requirements. Old plumbing can cause a great deal of damage and be costly to modernize. Finding reputable and affordable professionals necessitates research and scheduling estimates. There is the potential for delays or discovery of greater than expected damage. From cleaning, painting and yard work to staging and photos, it takes a while to get to the point of even attempting to show the property. You’ll also need to choose a realtor. Generating interest, fielding offers and haggling aren’t the end of it. Problems with financing can undermine completion of the sale and start the process all over. In Florida, the market can change very quickly. Wouldn’t it be a relief to walk away from the property with cash in hand? How nice would it be to close the deal within ten days? All it takes is completing the simple form located right on this page to begin the very straightforward process. Obi Buys is a local, family owned business that has purchased nearly 2000 properties in the Jacksonville area. Any condition is just fine. Whether you’re selling the home you live in, inherited properties, those with tax liens, a foreclosure or looking to get out from under the stress of ownership, Obi Buys is the answer. Submission of our online form is not an obligation. We’ll provide a cash offer. You can think it over. Once you accept, we take care of the work.