Can You Sell A Condemned House?

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If you own a house or property with a structure on it and it has recently been condemned, you may be looking to get it off your hands. A condemned house cannot be lived in and will offer no value to the property owner until it has been approved for public safety by the respective authorities. 

If your property has recently been condemned, we recommend you sell it.

What is a Condemned House?

To start off, it’s first important to understand what a condemned house is. A condemned house is private property or commercial property that has been deemed by local authorities as closed, seized, or restricted for a certain reason. Typically, this means that the local government has seized the property and restricts inhabitants from living there.

Houses are typically condemned when they are a risk to public safety or health in accordance with local laws.

Houses can be condemned because of:

  • Vacancy
  • Discontinued utilities
  • Code violations
  • Hazards
  • General disrepair
  • Lack of proper permits
  • Qualified as “dilapidated” by an inspector

Houses with a tax lien against it aren’t condemned but are another type of government seizure that homeowners must contend with. However, selling a house with a lien can be a challenge.

Can You Live in a Condemned House?

In essence, a condemned house has been deemed unfit to live in by the local authorities. In most cases, houses are abandoned. You may have seen such a house—condemned houses will look dilapidated and often are boarded up or have posted warning signs. 

Unfortunately, it is quite easy for houses to lapse into run down conditions. This is because the property or homeowner has failed to take good care of the house, clean it, or make the necessary repairs so that it is livable.

However, in other cases, houses are condemned during renovations when an inspector finds a serious violation. If permits are not displayed and work is being done, it may be condemned for not being up to code. 

Other times, the house is not safe to live in and poses a significant health risk. This can be the case with black mold or houses with significant structural damage. And, of course, there are other reasons. Abandoned houses can become facilitate crime, and carry the risk of fire.

Governments can condemn houses if they want to expand the street or improve public facilities. In these cases, the house is seized by the government even if no violation has occurred. 

What You Need to Know About Selling Condemned Houses

If you have a condemned house due to health or safety reasons, you might just want to sell it. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to selling a condemned house:

Can I Sell Condemned Property?

You can sell your condemned property, but since the structure is deemed as no longer livable, the structure cannot be included in the value of the sale. Typically, in condemned house sales, the property land is sold and the value is actually reduced since the buyer would need to pay for tearing down the condemned house and hauling it away. Comparatively, it would be far more affordable to buy vacant land and build.

There are also tax implications of a condemned house. The proceeds from selling condemned property are generally subject to taxation, unless the property is taken by eminent domain. Condemned houses are usually picked up by cash buyers and real estate investors who are looking to buy land.

What Can I Do With My Condemned House?

There are a number of things you can do with a condemned house. You can:

  • Sell it
  • Fix it up
  • Demolish it
  • Rectify the condemned status for other reasons

A house can be removed from the condemned status once the issue has been resolved. In many cases, houses are often demolished and replaced with new buildings as this is far easier and cheaper. If the house is taken by the government, then the owner is usually compensated for the property at current market value.

Is It Worth It To Fix a Condemned House?

If your house was condemned due to structural damage and mold growth, then you may be wondering if you should fix the home to either live in it or sell it. 

In most cases, a condemned house renovation will take too long and cost too much to sell for the average homeowner. It is often better to just sell the property as-is to a reliable real estate investment company like us at Freedom Home Buyers.

Can’t I Just Leave My House Condemned?

Often, you can’t just leave a house condemned. The government will require you to rectify the situation at your own expense. Home condemnation is a lot of work and you often will have trouble selling the house without needing to fix the necessary repairs. It can also be challenging to sell a vacant house after it continues to accrue deferred maintenance. Empty houses also tend to attract pests which create further damage.

What to Do With Your Condemned Property

If you own a condemned building, it can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to manage the situation.  At worst, if you fail to meet the government’s requirements, you could see further fines or criminal charges.  Often it is better to get rid of the property fast and let us help you. 

Condemned houses are nothing but a headache. If the condemned property is an inherited house or is still in probate, then you likely don’t have the means to fix it up. In most cases, the government entity may require the owner to pay to repair or demolish the existing structure. This can be expensive and out of your budget. Selling the condemned property is the best answer, even if it means getting less than what you think is the potential home value. 

Since you can’t sell the house to anyone, you will be selling the property but with the caveat that the structure has to be demolished. Selling to traditional buyers can be complicated as you still have to pay for demolishing and removing the structure. 

Luckily, we can help. At Freedom Home Buyers, we can buy your condemned property in its current condition. You can sell your Jacksonville house fast to us for cash and move on with your life. 

We know that owning a condemned house is a hassle so we make sure to close fast and pay cash. Get around the red tape by working with us at Freedom Home Buyers!

Are You Ready to Sell a Condemned House in Jacksonville FL?

A condemned home is typically sitting there, wasting away. If it had a mortgage on it, then you will still be responsible for paying off the mortgage debt and you will still have to pay property taxes owed on it as well. 

As a home buyer, you are liable for the property as the government will expect you to sell, demolish, or fix the home. Luckily, you can work with us to get rid of your condemned house quickly. As a cash home buyer, we know that you just want to sell the property and get on with your life. 

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