Cash offers provide lots of benefits for the seller

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Selling a house is an involved, time-consuming and stressful process. If you list a property, it can take six to nine months to sell. The home needs to be prepared and made available for viewing. Offers are always made at well below the asking price. Then there are the back-and-forth haggling and stipulations. You might be asked to install a new roof or update the electrical panel. These improvements necessitate finding a licensed professional and sometimes required permits. Cash offers simplify and streamline every aspect. There are benefits for the sellers, such as fewer conditions for sale, quicker closing times, and fewer fees associated with the transfer of ownership. It eliminates cash flow risk and the need to make repairs and pass inspections. For example, with Obi Buys, all you need to do is fill out an online form with a bit of information, including the property’s address. There’s no obligation to sell and no cost involved with getting a cash offer. The typical response time is within 24 hours. Obi Buys has invested in nearly 2000 properties in the Jacksonville area. Providing seamless and successful transactions for over two decades, this family-owned, local business has built a solid reputation. Unlike the nationwide corporations, Obi Buys doesn’t apply pressure or resell leads. They close on the seller’s preferred date or within ten days. Walking away from a property with a leaking roof, collapsing foundation, unsafe electrical system, plumbing problems, storm damage or other major issues can be a huge relief.  There is no mortgage contingency and no requirement for a home appraisal.  The need for a real estate agent, photos for a listing, and staging are completely eliminated. Rather than getting approvals from lenders and dealing with home inspections, a cash offer is completed by signing the settlement statement, title and deed. There are none of the surprise fees that come with a traditional sale.