How Stressful is Buying and Selling a House?

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The process of selling or buying a home can be stressful. Homes are high-ticket items, and the amount of money being exchanged often gives people pause. If you look at the housing market, there are many homes that end up sitting on the market for months.

In fact, the average home ends up spending 65 days on the market, and the amount of time can be much longer if there’s a problem with the home or market price.

Real estate transactions are complicated, which leads some to wonder: is it easier to buy or sell a house?

In this article, you’ll learn the most difficult parts about buying and selling a home. As well, you’ll learn how to make real estate transactions quick and painless.

How Stressful is Buying a House?

Buying homes can be expensive because of the amount of money you need to commit to the endeavor. Buying is generally a bigger commitment than selling. Unless you plan to flip, the decision you make when buying your home is one you’re going to live with for years.

Home buyers have to be able to visualize their future. Is the home for sale in a good area? Are you going to be happy with the current layout, or are home improvements going to be necessary?

You also have to consider the amount of time you’ll spend speaking with home sellers and visiting open houses.

Buying a home can interrupt your life, as you get ready to move to a new area.

How Stressful is Selling a House?

All that said, selling a home is usually more stressful than buying one. As a buyer, you have some level of control over the process. You have a lot of options with house hunting, and real estate agents will be able to guide you towards the property that’s the best fit for you.

When you list your home, you’re ultimately at the mercy of potential buyers. Even if you have a beautiful home sitting on the market, there are a broad array of factors that can get in your way.

Does your home staging adequately convey the value of your home? Are there any home improvements that would increase the money you can get? Are you just not negotiating with buyers well enough?

All of the various parties involved in the transaction — your listing agent, the potential buyers, your mortgage lender — can all make the process even more difficult.

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