How to Sell a Hoarder House

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There is a misconception that it is nearly impossible to sell a hoarder house, and this can be the case when you try to sell the traditional route via a Realtor. But this simply is not true when armed with the right knowledge. 

Most home sellers dream of selling quickly without making costly repairs or taking the time to clear out all that clutter. The good news is there is a solution to selling a hoarder house in you life in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Sell your hoarder home, no matter the conditions, to a well-established and successful home buying company. Freedom Home Buyers is dedicated to treating every customer like family, providing nothing but the best service and fair prices, even on hoarder houses.

So what exactly is a hoarder home, and how can Freedom Home Buyers help you? Let’s take a look.  

What is Considered a Hoarder House?

When people think of hoarders, the first thing that pops into their minds is a house full of stuff, like clothing, collectibles, toys, and other personal items. In reality, it can be so much more.

Not all hoarders are the same, but most people with a hoarding disorder have a compulsive need to hold onto specific items and possessions, whether that means hoarding important and usable things or junk that isn’t even safe to have. 

No matter what the item of importance is, each house will be full from top to bottom, making it difficult and time-consuming to clean out, and often a health hazard.

Types of Hoards Often Left in Homes

Several hoards end up making the sale of homes nearly impossible due to damage, overload of junk, and hazardous waste.

  • Clothing hoards- These hoards often contain used and new clothing items from shoes to accessories. Sometimes the clean-up isn’t too bad; other times, clothing can get wet and moldy, and objects can become heavy.
  • Pet hoards- People who hoard pets do not believe what they are doing is dangerous and feel they are the only ones who can take care of and love the animals as they do. These hoards leave feces and urine stains and damage, deceased animal remains, mold, mildew, and other toxins that can make you ill. 
  • Garbage or food hoards- Some people choose not to get rid of anything. Whether it is rotting food, used diapers, or old pop bottles, these hoarders hold onto all of their possessions, often because it helps them feel in control. 

Hoarders cannot emotionally detach from their belongings, making them physically hold onto everything they own, filling their homes with tons of things they do not need, often making their houses uninhabitable.

Due to these circumstances, owners of the homes find it extremely difficult to sell of the property as-is

Difficulties Selling a Hoarder House

Whether you are the owner of the hoard or someone who is stuck cleaning up the mess, selling these types of homes is extremely difficult, and they all too often end up being condemned, demolished, or handed over under bankruptcy. 

So, why is it so tough selling a hoarder house?

Time Consuming

No matter what type of hoard you are dealing with, clearing it out isn’t going to be a simple process. These homes are packed to the brim with items, and it can take weeks to get through, even if your goal is to toss it all out.


One reason it’s so hard to sell the house of someone with a hoarding disorder is that they are burdensome houses. Clearing a hoard can be an expensive task. If you are clearing the house out on your own, you will end up paying a massive amount in cleaning supplies alone. If you hire professionals to clean the house, you are looking at a large bill that only gets bigger the more mess there is.

Once the hoard is cleared and you can see the damage it caused, you might find the home has structural damage, needs serious repairs, or has a hazardous environment that will rack up even more cleaning and sanitizing bills.

Some hoarder houses no longer have usable plumbing or water, working electricity or appliances, or useful furniture. You must address all of these issues before the home can be sold or even placed on the market if you go the traditional route.


Sadly, many people are unaware of hoarding issues until it is too late. Maybe your parents were in an unsafe environment and you moved them out only to be saddled with the problem yourself, or perhaps the mess was left to you after someone passed away.

The difficulties in these situations are amplified by the new owners or caretakers living in another city or state, making it nearly impossible to spend the time needed to take care of the issue and get the property ready to sell.

Can You Sell a Hoarder House?

Although the issues above place significant concerns on anyone interested in selling their hoarder house, it isn’t impossible to do so. 

The best way to get rid of a hoarder house without wasting time, money, and your sanity is through a fair cash offer from a company equipped to deal with an unwanted hoarder house. 

Freedom Home Buyers is a reputable “we buy houses” company, aka, cash home buyers. You can get a quote in under an hour from people who are dedicated to helping those in desperate need get rid of unwanted property fast and at a fair price. 

Companies like us are happy to take the burden of a hoarder home off your hands without requiring you to do much work at all. You simply reach out, they make an offer, and you decide if you want to accept. It’s as easy as that.

Reasons for Selling Hoarder Houses

Most of the time, the owner wants to let go of their property without the hoarder houses being listed on the market. The most common reason hoarder houses are left unoccupied or go up for sale is that the owner faces a life event that forces a sale.

If the house is really bad and poses a health threat, the municipality can also condemn the home and deem it unsafe. In this case, occupants are legally forced to leave the residence, and without money or proper equipment, they have to get rid of their home.

Other reasons people sell hoarder homes include:

  • It was inherited, in probate, or simply unwanted
  • The resident needs to move quickly, or it’s already vacant
  • Financial struggles
  • Health concerns
  • Old age
  • Lack of resources

How Can Freedom Home Buyers Help You?

Freedom Home Buyers has a great reputation for purchasing homes for cash in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We are experienced professionals with a kind and caring team that wants to make the home buying process as rewarding for you as it is for them. It’s not uncommon for hoarder houses to have other areas of neglect. This can include back taxes, or liens being placed on the home making it difficult to sell. Don’t worry, we resolve issues like this for customers quite frequently.

We Will Clean the Home

No matter what condition your house is in, you will never have to worry about cleaning up a single thing. 

Freedom Home Buyers has dealt with almost every type of hoarding condition and we are fully prepared to take care of whatever mess is left behind, leaving you free from the burden. 

Whether the house is full of unwanted items you can donate to reputable charities or animal feces and rotting food, they are willing to get their hands dirty, so you don’t have to.

You can simply go through the home and remove whatever items are important to you and leave the rest to them. We will pay for their removal!

Honest and Fair Pricing

With nearly 1000 homes purchased in the Jacksonville area, it is safe to say the prices offered by Freedom Home Buyers are on the up-and-up. We will make you an honest offer and will never try to lowball or cheat you in any way. 

No Closing Costs

That’s right; there are no closing costs ever. The price you are offered for your home is the amount of money you will receive. 

Unlike traditional realtors who take a hefty chunk of your payment through commissions after closing, Freedom Home Buyers will pay for all costs associated with selling in Jacksonville, Florida. The number on the final and accepted offer is all yours to keep.

Quick and Easy Process

Another difficult aspect of selling your hoarder home through a real estate company is the lengthy process and time-consuming steps. These types of transactions can take months before the transaction is final and you are able to move on.

Jacksonville’s Freedom Home Buyers understand that your time is valuable. We want to make the purchase as smooth and fast as possible, which is why they provide offers in an hour or less. 

Once you send your request, this company will make you a fair offer in under sixty minutes. There are no real-estate companies that can offer that. You also don’t have to worry about things like property showings, finding a real estate agent, or convincing a prospective buyer to make an offer on the home.

What’s even better is that once there is an agreement on both sides, your house will be closed within ten days. If their closing date doesn’t fit into your schedule, not to worry, they will let you pick the closing date to make things easier for you.

If you are looking for a way to sell your hoarding home without the hassle, contact Freedom Home Buyers now for your free and fast quote.

Summing Things Up: Sell Your Hoarder House the Right Way

Getting rid of a hoarding home in Jacksonville doesn’t have to be the overwhelming and stress-inducing hassle you might think. Utilizing companies like Freedom Home Buyers that buy houses will get you through the process as painlessly as possible. Reach out today.