How to Sell a House As Is in Jacksonville FL

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Selling a house and moving is a big deal. And it can be a lot of hassle, too. This might be one reason you are considering how to sell your house as is in Jacksonville Fl.

Most homeowners can’t afford to buy a new house until the old house sells. Working out the timing of signing a contract on the new house while coordinating a sale of your existing home can be challenging.

Selling to Potential Buyers via a Real Estate Agent

Selling on the traditional real estate market often means having to fix up your house so that it’s in great condition compared to similar homes, and stands out to potential buyers. It can be costly to tackle all of the deferred maintenance that has accumulated on the property all at once.

Additionally, many homebuyers in Jacksonville Florida will expect to tour a well-decorated property. This isn’t an issue for some sellers, however, if you are trying to sell a house in probate that was inherited and currently vacant, it can be a large expense.

Common upgrades needed to receive a fair cash offer on the traditional real estate market include taking down wallpaper, repainting, and re-carpeting. This gets expensive if you have to hire it out. If you are doing it yourself, you can say goodbye to countless weekends just to ready the property.

Worse yet, some Jacksonville homes were affected by water damage. This concerns buyers and home inspections regularly look for damage that has been covered up. Was your house was affected by floods?

Through the years, Jacksonville’s Northside neighborhoods have inevitably flooded during hurricanes and large summer storms. If your home was not properly repaired and remediated, you must disclose this or it can open the door for potential lawsuits.

What About Closing Costs?

Everything we have covered thus far is about getting the house ready to sell. Once you do list with a real estate agent, you’ll need to pay a real estate commission of around 6% of the sales price. Additionally, there will be a closing cost that includes mortgage deed tax, and a list of other title fees.

All of this eats into your bottom line profit. The process can take much more time and effort than you or your family cares to sign up for.

These are some of the reasons Jacksonville area homeowners become curious about finding a cash home buyer. Finding the right real estate investor who can make a cash offer will enable you to bypass all of these things. Your home doesn’t have to fall into the “ugly house” category either. Even though the average Realtor may not volunteer this, there are lots of potential buyers willing to buy your house as is, and you don’t have to “list” your property in order to find them.

How You Can Sell Your House in Jacksonville “as is”?

Instead of spending money updating your home, and your time leaving for showings, you can sell your Jacksonville house as is to a reputable cash buyer.

There are some great companies based in Jacksonville looking to buy houses in the area. Based on our customer reviews, we like to think we are one of them. Every week, we make fair cash offers to home sellers that want to sell their property in as-is condition. That means we do ALL the repairs and renovations that might be required. No condition “scares us,” and you won’t have to lift a finger to help. We can even purchase a “hoarder house” that needs to be cleaned out, and still make a great offer.

Sell Damaged Houses As Is

You might be thinking – “That couldn’t apply to my house, surely?”

Obi Buys, for example, will give you a no-obligation fair cash offer quote for your Jacksonville house, even if your home has deferred maintenance. What’s more, we have purchased properties as is that have experienced the brunt of weather damage from hurricanes, floods, and storms.

And the same goes for houses that have been affected by fire damage, roof damage, and termite damage as well. We will buy any house regardless of what condition it happens to be in, or how much damage has been done to the property.

We will even buy a property that has been condemned, whether it’s through code violations, discontinued utilities, hazards, general disrepair, or been qualified as dilapidated by an inspector.

Houses that are Behind on Payments or Overdue with Tax Liens

Anyone can fall behind on payments, and this can result in back property taxes or other liens as well.

But the good news is that Freedom Home Buyers is also prepared to buy your Jacksonville house fast for cash, even if your house has overdue tax liens.

If your Jacksonville house does have overdue tax liens, you should also check out our other article titled selling a house with back taxes to learn more.

Get a Cash Payment for Your Old House – Fast

The other thing that’s great about selling your house as is with Freedom Home Buyers is just how quick and painless the process is. When you request a quote from us, you will hear back from us within the hour!

And, better yet, you don’t have to worry about paying out any realtor fees, leaving for showings, or putting up with extensive market delays. We also cover all the closing costs.

You’ll get your money incredibly fast, too. We can close the sale in under 10 days if necessary. You’ll receive a fair price, even if the house is in a bad state of repair since this is something we’re used to dealing with. It’s commonplace for us.

If you’re really in a hurry, you can request a cash advance of up to a very nice $5,000. This cash can come in particularly handy if you need cash for a down payment elsewhere.

How to Sell Your House As Is in Jacksonville FL Today

The first step in selling your house as is in Jacksonville is to request a quote from a good, reputable home buyer such as Freedom Home Buyers. Receive a fair cash offer, and decide whether you’re satisfied with the amount of money offered. (We think you will be!)

If/when you accept the cash offer, you can get the sale closed in as little as 10 days time, or whenever you decide it is most convenient for your situation. If needed, receive a cash advance of up to $5000 to use as you wish.

So, as you can see, it’s perfectly possible to sell your house as is in Jacksonville FL. Even if your house has been damaged through fire, water, mold, and so on, we would like to make you an offer.

The process is quick and easy, and requires little more than a phone call.