How To Sell Your Florida Home The Easy Way!

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Constant changes in the real estate market are leading to more people choosing to sell their homes quickly. A cash offer allows greater control over timing and avoids certain inspections, repairs and closing costs. If you’re wondering whether or not a cash sale is right for you, Obi Buys is here to help. We’re happy to provide information, cash offers and expedite the process. We need a bit of information from you and purchase all types of properties within an hour’s drive from Jacksonville.

We generate an offer within an hour. There is no obligation to accept. Take your time. Weigh the advantages. We’re here to eliminate the cash flow risk and need for a buyer with financing. We close within ten days. If you’re looking to complete a house sale quickly and hassle-free, Obi Buys is your proven alternative. We’ve been around for 10 years, steadily building a reputation for honesty, integrity and a more personalized style of service. Feel free to give us a call at 904-593-4699 or visit our office in the center of downtown Jacksonville. We don’t deal in fine print. There are no strings attached, realtor commissions or mortgage contingency. There’s no opening your home to potential buyers or staging. You don’t need to sink money into the property to prepare it for sale. Any condition is no problem for us.

Whether you’re selling the home you live in, a rental, foreclosure, property with tax liens or ready to get out from under labor- and cost-intensive damage, Obi Buys is your solution. Instead of submitting lots and lots of paperwork, sweating over approvals from lenders and jumping through frustrating hoops, you have cash in hand in under two weeks. Less risk and less worry will free up your time and focus. If you are dreading putting your house on the market, selling for cash is a beneficial opportunity. As a family business, Obi Buys looks forward to a successful and satisfying outcome for every home seller.