Selling a house in Florida after a hurricane

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Bad luck seems to come in groups. There was a really nasty hurricane in the Jacksonville area with high winds that brought down a tree onto the roof of my house. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the damage was extensive. We needed emergency repairs from a general contractor, roofing contractor, electrician, and even an HVAC contractor. We took out a sizable home improvement loan. Right about the same time, my husband got into a car accident. The vehicle was totaled, our insurance premiums skyrocketed and my husband required multiple surgeries to have pins put into his legs. The medical bills added up very quickly. Plus, my husband required rehabilitation and couldn’t work. Right when it seemed as if nothing would ever go right again, I was offered a job on the other side of the country. The job included a major raise in salary, better benefits, and the opportunity for upward mobility. The problem was that we needed to relocate immediately. I needed to sell the house and get out from under the debt. I searched for solutions and found Obi Buys online. I checked reviews and felt reassured. A family-owned company, Obi Buys has provided reasonable offers and quick turnaround for countless homeowners in the Jacksonville area. It took a couple of minutes to fill out an online form, and within 24 hours, I had an offer.  There was no rush and no pressure. Once I accepted, the process was extremely efficient and stress-free. I had the cash in less than ten days. I was very thankful for the fresh start.