Profit from the coming real estate crash, a winning strategy

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(Originally posted on Resident Community News Group)

A massive buying opportunity lies in wait for the savvy investor

There has never been a more difficult time to navigate the economics of the day, things are shifting and changing rapidly as the fallout from COVID-19 continues. The shutdowns, cancelled events, reduced contact and lack of gatherings have affected our way of life and caused a ripple effect throughout the economy. Many jobs are not returning, employees have been laid off and don’t know when they can return to work for full-time wages. These dynamics are wreaking havoc on many households and there is a perfect storm brewing, an economic shift is about to occur that will be unprecedented. A housing crisis is on the horizon.

The Perfect Storm

Hard times are already here for many already, as data shows that over 2+ million mortgages are currently in forbearance, meaning they’ve reached the end of a 90-day grace period and the day of reckoning is here for many, and just around the corner for millions more. And, even worse, over 4 million are delinquent on their mortgages currently; there is trouble looming for many in our country.

“There is going to be a tremendous opportunity ahead for many people that look for returns on their money from these scenarios [or… from the coming crash], we do the homework it takes to create returns on distressed, delinquent and trouble properties,” said Obadiah Dorsey of Freedom Home Buyers and Freedom Holdings, Inc. “Our company is a leader in this field of investing and when more properties come online, we’ll be in even better shape than most others trying to get into the game.” He shared, “we are often in a situation where we can help those in trouble on their mortgages, delinquent on their payments and create win-win scenarios for all parties involved.”

Listening to today’s media, reports about the economy fail to illustrate the true economic picture. The turmoil has yet to be seen, but below the surface there are numbers that prove financial market indicators are real, the numbers don’t lie. But, with mortgage rates are at all-time-lows and the desire of many to take advantage of a move to lock in these rates, the buying continues, and the market is in a seemingly good place. There are no indicators of a housing crash unless you dig deeper and pay close attention.

Take advantage, be an investor and capitalize

The best part of the process for you, as an investor, is that you don’t have to put in the time to research the next buying opportunity, you don’t even have to spend hours digging through the mortgage stats and sifting through bank records. Contacting mortgage companies, financing deals, and working on renovation projects doesn’t have to be a part of your routine. You can continue doing what you do, pursuing your profession with gusto, as your money goes to work for you.

“The most important thing for people to understand is that we’re a local company, a local family and we’re in Jacksonville, we live in your neighborhood,” said Dorsey. “Our goal is to find opportunities to build our business and fortify our portfolio locally, where we can see, touch and discover properties that will be solid investments.”

“I have investors onboard that have passive income far outpacing any volatile investments in the stock market. They are earning double digit returns that will see further growth as volatility increases in the housing market.”

— Obadiah Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO


Dorsey has been doing the homework, putting in the long hours, and growing a company that is poised and ready to jump on the opportunities ahead.  Reflective of his values of smart investing, local knowledge and providing for his family of seven, the importance of sound investing is his life’s pursuit. He wants to see more people become financially independent and grow wealth for their families.

One acquisition at a time, from local multi-family properties purchased in Riverside, to his own personal home in Avondale on the river, Dorsey is in the game and ready to pounce when investments make sense, provide upside and increase capital for all parties involved.

Seeking returns? Look no further

“We’re looking for folks with a desire to invest in us, to win together,” he continued, “If people are tired of the fluctuation of their stocks, the unpredictability of the market and want to invest in something solid for their family – we are offering this opportunity to invest – hands free.”

Dorsey knows there are priorities for people and learning this business takes years and years to get to where his team is today, it’s a full-time pursuit and takes a full court press to be successful.

“We know time is at a premium, you just can’t get to every opportunity,” he said, “so we’re offering an investment opportunity for those that want to watch their money grow. The beauty is that you don’t have to play contractor, renovator, decorator and banker, we handle that for you.”

If you are not poised to take advantage and increase of your financial strength and diversify your assets into differing classes, now is the time. You don’t have to be an expert or a real estate investor, you simply need to take the time to research what you are able to comfortably invest, have a conversation with the leadership at Freedom Holdings and go from there.

This is a no-risk and no-obligation opportunity, one that could prove to be your key to a secure retirement and financial freedom you’ve been looking for. Call today, there is no risk in discovery and information gathering. For a conversation with Obadiah Dorsey, call 904-588-2195 today and book your one-on-one investment appointment now.