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Ready to Sell Your House? Obi Will Buy It!

Selling your home can be an overwhelming and lengthy process. From finding a trusted real estate agent or taking on the listing yourself as an owner, determining a list price, to staging the home and conducting tours, that is just the start of it. Getting your home sold can take months! If your home isn’t in pristine condition, a potential buyer may want repairs done to your property. Listing your home in ‘as-is’ condition can be done, but chances are, you will receive a majority of low-ball offers.

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The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home in Jacksonville

However, getting your home sold does not have to be a difficult and time consuming endeavor. Obi Buys, the buying division for Freedom Home Buyers, is here to make the home buying process quick and seamless, including a closing date of your choosing within 10 days! Contact us today at 904-593-4699 or by submitting a request form and we’ll assemble a fair, market rate purchase price for you. Obi or a member of the team will be in touch in under an hour!

You read that right — Obi’s team will provide you with a real cash offer with no fees, realtor commissions, or repairs required.

Reasons Jacksonville Homeowners Sell to Obi:

There are several reasons why you may be looking to sell your home and the conventional route just won’t work:

  • You could be a landlord that is tired of dealing with tenant requests and looking to make some cash on your real estate investment.
  • Your property has been sitting vacant for years and you’d like to get it off your hands.
  • You’re dealing with a foreclosure or back tax situation that you’d like to discontinue
  • The property is in probate.
  • You inherited the home or estate from a family member.

Want to sell your property this week?

Obi has worked with numerous customers that fell into one of the categories above and solved their problems with a fair price and a cash closing. If you’re serious about selling your home, we want to help. Get in touch with us today by filling out our form — let’s begin the process!

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