Start With A No-Obligation Cash Offer When You Want To Sell Your Home

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A cash sale is a convenient, efficient and stress-free alternative to a transition property listing. Whether you’re faced with foreclosure, need to relocate quickly or are dealing with an inherited property, Obi Buys provides a fair offer. A wealth of experience, resources and knowledge works to expedite the transaction. There is no waiting for mortgage approvals and no risk of financing falling through. There are no contingencies, haggling or repair requirements. Obi Buys supplies offers on properties in as-is condition and with all types of issues. Any type of home or rental property is eligible. As a family-owned business established in Jacksonville, Florida, an extensive background of experience, insight and contacts facilitates every aspect of the sale. Obi Buys specializes in assisting homeowners and ensuring a swift and smooth process. Appreciate the completion of the sale within days rather than months. Utilize a handy online contact form to get started. A little information is all it takes to receive an offer within twenty-four hours.

There is no obligation. There are no fees, penalties or fine print. If you should decide to accept the offer, Obi Buys handles all of the necessary paperwork. You don’t need to worry about building codes, inspections, insurance qualifications or realtor fees. There are no showings. Whether the property is in pristine condition, brand new, midway through construction, rundown or in need of major repairs, you receive a fair offer and cash in hand. You get to unload the responsibility, walk away and start fresh. With the mission of providing a rewarding alternative to homeowners in difficult circumstances, Obi Buys steps up with competitive offers and a simplified procedure that saves you time, effort and money.