Testimonial: Mr. & Mrs. Linderman, “If people are looking to sell their homes, these guys are a definitely a 10!”

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Mr. & Mrs. Linderman learned about Freedom Home Buyers from the internet “It was just strange selling to a company you met on the internet but it turned out to be great!”. Mrs. Linderman was surprised to learn that there are a lot of companies that buy homes in Jacksonville that are NOT located in or near Jacksonville. “We knew if we had any questions, we had a place to go to talk to somebody.” In addition to availability of our staff, they were happy with the process and the fact that the house closed a week earlier than originally planned.

So, why choose us?

Do you or someone you know want to sell a house quickly and hassle free?
Call us today! Obi Buys is actively buying houses in and around Jacksonville. We have plenty of cash and can provide you a FAST, FREE, FAIR CASH OFFER for your home regardless of the condition. Obi Buys you will sell your house fast and receive a fair cash offer without any pressure or gimmicks. We are the perfect perfect buyer for your house as we pay all closing costs.

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