The Quick and Easy Way to Sell Your Home For Cash

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In most situations, selling a home by way of the traditional route takes anywhere from six to nine months. The process is long, complicated and stressful. Expect a great deal of paperwork and nearly endless decisions. Choosing to accept a cash offer from Obi Buys accelerates the closing process and results in a quicker overall sale. When you work with Obi Buys, we eliminate the need for mortgage applications and inspections. We provide a straight path between signing contracts and transferring the title. There’s no concern over lengthy processing times or denials. You don’t need to meet certain qualifications demanded by loan programs. We regularly purchase unwanted rentals, properties tangled up in divorce, foreclosures and residences with tax liens. No matter the condition of the property, we can handle it. You aren’t faced with the headache of scheduling and overseeing expensive repairs on a property you’re anxious to be rid of. There’s no need to sink money into updating wiring, plumbing, roofs, HVAC or any components of the property that will never benefit you. Obi Buys accepts “as is” homes anywhere within an hour’s drive from Jacksonville. We close on your preferred date or within ten days. There are no fees, realtor commissions or repairs to deal with. If you pursue a traditional sale, you’ll most likely need to prepare the home for viewings and take real estate photos. You’ll devote time to finding a reputable realtor and then wait for offers to come in. Obi Buys saves you time, money and hassle. Depending on the real estate market and mortgage rates, many home sellers pay so much in marketing and realtor fees, they see very little revenue in return. Swift turnaround and cash in hand makes Obi Buys a wonderful option for home sellers who are looking to get out from under the burden and stress quickly. Whether your life is already hectic enough, you’re dealing with an emergency or you’re simply anxious to be done with the ins and outs of unloading a property, get in touch. Supply some basic information and we’ll come back with a reasonable cash offer within an hour.