The quickest way to sell a rental property in Jacksonville, FL

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About eight years ago, I bought a house that I decided to rent out. The property required quite a few updates and repairs. The front porch was rotted and filled with termites. The carpets were stained and ugly. All of the appliances were old and needed to be replaced. I also had new windows installed, replaced the light fixtures, and put in new bathroom fixtures. Preparing the property was a significant investment of time, labor, and money. I then was very careful about selecting a renter. I was relieved to find a family interested in signing a long-term lease. For the first four years, they were extremely good about paying the rent on time. They gradually started having excuses for late payments. They also had lots of complaints and demands. They wanted me to put in a new kitchen and install a fence around the property. When I refused, they became even less reliable. When they quit paying rent altogether, I began the eviction process. That took a long time and was super stressful. Once I finally had the house empty and was able to take a look around, I was shocked by the condition of the property. Everything was destroyed. The appliances were dented, dirty, and beyond repair. The sinks were stained and clogged. There were broken windows and holes in the walls. I didn’t have the energy to renovate all over again and once again deal with renters. I simply wanted to unload the property without sinking any more time or money into it. I was fortunate to come across Obi Buys. They are a local Jacksonville company that buys houses for cash. There was no need for inspections or renovations. I filled out a form online and received an estimate within 24 hours. I walked away from the house with cash in hand a week later.