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Every now and again, a situation comes along that reminds me why me and my team are in this business. One of our recent deals really spoke to the core of our mission statement and I’m beyond proud of my team!

 Our Mission: To solve real estate problems with compassion,
integrity and determination to help those in need while revitalizing the community.

Our team met Miss Fay in early March this year. She was an elderly lady living in awful conditions with no one to help. She was the last living member of her family and was truly on her own with her dear old dog, Stacey. She hadn’t had a working stove in 15 years and she wasn’t able to properly bathe with the condition of her bathroom. She was being harassed by neighborhood bullies and really wished to somehow find her way to an assisted living facility. All she wanted was a clean place to live, a comfy La-Z-Boy recliner, and some friends nearby.

Hoarder House
Messy House

Miss Fay was left two properties through the deaths of her family. She lived in one and the other was sitting empty and deteriorating rapidly. After a few good conversations with our Acquisitions Specialist, Blaine, Miss Fay allowed us the opportunity to buy the properties and try to help improve her life.

Updated House
Remodeled Bathroom

We started the process by fronting the costs for probate and legal fees. While going through the timelines of the title process, Miss Fay continued to reach out to our team for assistance. She was desperate for help with getting groceries, finding transportation to doctors appointments, getting vet care for her dog, and several other needs. Blaine stepped up and coordinated grocery delivery and arranged for UBER rides for her appointments. When UBER couldn’t accommodate, our very own intern, Christian, made himself available to help get her where she needed to go.  Christian also started to research assisted living facilities and tried to coordinate tours for Miss Fay. With the onslaught of COVID-19, it was an impossible task. The facilities were not allowing tours and couldn’t accommodate her needs. She also needed the funds that would come from closing in order to be eligible for them.

As we moved closer to the closing date, our team was very concerned about finding somewhere safe for Miss Fay to go before the transaction was complete. We decided to ask her about moving into one of our renovated rentals on a month to month basis until she could find a permanent solution. We took her to tour the rental a few times and she agreed on the move. She didn’t want to bring any of the furniture from her old house – she wanted a clean, fresh start. We were able to find a great deal on some new items for her and had them delivered to the rental so everything would be ready on moving day.

Moving Van

Two members of our team, Christian and Justin, stepped up on moving day. They rented a U-Haul, helped her pack up some personal items and got her on her way! She was VERY happy to see a recliner waiting for her – she hugged Christian! She was so grateful to have a clean bathroom and a working stove! We also made sure to install a washer and dryer and a set of railings to the front steps to make sure she was safe. We were able to close on her two properties a few days later and get the funds wired directly to her account.

Our team has also put Miss Fay in contact with several programs in Jacksonville to get her the future assistance she needs. She has been contacted by the COJ Independant Living Program, ElderSource, and the Coalition on Aging. We are confident she will be well taken care of and has a happy future to look forward to!

I am so PROUD of what we were able to accomplish – to be able to directly affect a citizen in our community in a positive manner is rewarding beyond measure. Not every “deal” needs this kind of care and committment but I’m happy to know that my team is standing at the ready for the next one!

~Obi Dorsey

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