10 Lessons I Wish I Would Have Known When I Started….

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Coronavirus, COVID-19, The ‘Rona, etc…whatever you want to call it…has really upended things for everyone. We’ve all had to take on roles we didn’t know we could do and really climb out of the box and jump off the edge into an unknown.
What I truly appreciate is the “forced” time with my family, spending days with them and toiling through the day-to-day responsibilities while trying to keep our businesses afloat.
It’s been life changing to watch my wife do this dance of mother, teacher, business woman, community supporter, home maker…there will never be enough Mother’s Days to show my appreciation for her. I hope all of you were able to really celebrate who ever it is in your life that fills that role for you!I’ve also had quite a bit of time to reflect on the past and remember some of the lessons that I’ve learned over the course of almost 1,000 deals. I thought I would share those with you today:1. Keep good books from the beginning!!
Trying to piece together data and recreate what
you think you “remember” after the fact is NOT effective.
Outsource your Bookkeeping Immediately!2. Find the DEAL first!
This is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire investing process.
Get great at this, now.

3. CONSISTENT HARD WORK beats talent, competition and resources.
Hard work beats everything when everything doesn’t work hard, end of story.

4. Set your goals to deliver consistent behaviors
and processes vs the outcome.  Break your BIG goals into bite sized pieces! Focus your daily data on: LEADS, CONVERSATIONS, OFFERS, and CLOSINGS!

5. Document and systemize EVERYTHING.  Stop winging it.

6. Delegate but DON’T ABDICATE. You can’t do it all.

7. Assemble a TEAM!
Seek those who are good at what you are not and hire them.

8. BUY more and SELL less.
Cashflow FOREVER vs Cashflow NOW – Play the long game. In 20 years, will you remember the 20 properties you sold or the 20
properties you still own that are free and clear?9. UNDER promise and OVER deliver.

10. Learn from others mistakes because you won’t be alive
long enough to make them all on your own.I hope you find some inspiration in these lessons – be diligent and be consistent and never be afraid to ask for help! I’d love to hear your lessons…call me ????I am going to talk more about some opportunities in the market on Friday, 5/15/20!
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