Case Study: Kirkpatrick

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Sometimes people just want a fair deal?

Future Home Buyers deals with sellers in every situation.  Many time there is a hardship or concern that forces them to sell.  Sometimes, it is much simpler and someone is just tired of owning a property. When the seller of a condo on Kirkpatrick replied to some of our marketing, he was looking to sell simply because the property had become a headache.  He had done his due diligence on the current market in the area and the repairs needed on the property.  He had a fair number in mind and was ready to let it go.

The deal was simple and everybody walked away happy.  We bought the condo for a fair price and closed quickly, delivering on what we promised.  The owner just wanted to be treated with respect and paid a fair price for his property.  Win-win for everyone.

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So what’s the bottom line?

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