Dealing With Bad Tenants

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Do you have bad tenants?

If you own and manage your own rental property, you know that bad tenants can make you question whether owning the property is even worth it.  Obi Buys has helped many unhappy landlords stop the headache of dealing with problem tenants.  There are several ways that tenants can cause you problems:

  • Not paying rent
  • Not maintaining the property
  • Violating the rules of the lease
  • Past-due utilities
  • Illegal activity in the home
  • Intentionally damaging the property

Whatever the case may be for your bad tenants, there are times when the cost of ownership and maintenance of a rental property can outweigh the potential benefits.  That’s where Obi Buys comes in.  You can sell us your rental house with existing bad tenants in any condition, even if it has suffered damage or has back taxes. We can get you a fair cash offer for your house in as little as an hour and close in days.  You could be free from the headache, PUT CASH IN YOUR POCKET NOW and never have to deal with the bad tenants again.


Here are a couple horror stories collected from around the web.  Hopefully, you haven’t dealt with these situations yet, but it could just be a matter of time.

It’s Coming From Inside the House

A property manager in Chicago submitted this story to Curbed in June. A renter had not paid rent for three months after losing his job. When the landlord tried to evict the man, he filed for multiple extensions and drew out the legal process for months. Finally, after multiple court appearances and eight months of nonpayment, the landlord was given control of the apartment.

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. The new tenants of the apartment complained to management about a strange odor throughout the apartment. Despite his best efforts, the property manager could do nothing to get rid of the smell. After multiple thorough inspections, professional carpet cleaning, replacing the HVAC filter and using deodorizing bombs throughout the apartment, the smell still lingered.

After a month of failed efforts, the property manager noticed a slight discoloration on the walls. What comes next is not for the squeamish. When he poked a few holes through the drywall,  maggots crawled out.

After further inspection he found that the disgruntled evicted tenant, prior to leaving the unit, had placed packages of raw meat behind the walls throughout the apartment. All the drywall and insulation in the apartment and the surrounding units had to be replaced to get rid of the terrible stench.

* This is just a horrible example of how bad tenants can really do some long term damage to a property.  The landlord wasn’t in the wrong, but was still responsible for the repairs.  If you don’t want the potential headaches of a situation like this, Obi Buys can buy your house with the renter still in it, saving you the hassle of evicting a disgruntled tenant.


This landlord venting to Tenant Horror Stories Magazine described the disastrous consequences of evicting two tenants. A couple moved into a unit after paying the first and last month’s rent upfront but afterward they never paid a dime. After going through the necessary eviction process, the landlord had to involve the police to remove the occupants.

What happened next makes a monster truck show look like a kindergartener’s tea party. After being told to leave the bad tenants broke off the door, poured paraffin wax down the drains, shorted out the electrical system and ripped up the carpet. And that’s not all.They stabbed holes into the drywall, poured battery acid on the tile floors, broke all the windows, sold the all the appliances and spray painted the walls.

The landlord has since left the rental business and never looked back.

* What can we say… It is unbelievable what some people will do.  And guess who is left holding the bag… That’s right… The owner.

So what does it all mean?

While everyone assumes these “worst case scenarios” will never happen to them, the truth is they happen all the time.  Most states have laws that favor the tenants and protect their rights over that of the landlord.  Owning rental property can be a more of a headache than it’s worth.  If your tired of dealing with your bad tenants… give us a call or fill out the form on this page.  Obi Buys can get you a FAST, FREE, FAIR CASH OFFER on your rental property today. No more pulling your hair out trying to deal with problem tenants. You can get the true value of your house IN CASH NOW!  Why wait? Call us today.