Case Study: Monroe Smith

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Here at Obi Buys, we don’t believe in the inability to sell property for the money it’s worth. In fact, we make it our mission to empower individuals and help them handle their property with compassion and integrity when they experience difficulty selling their home.

For example, we were referred to the Monroe property when the owner and his agent were challenged in successfully navigating the housing market. While the owner had lived in his house for over 40 years, it came time for him to retire, and the property was simply too much for him to care for anymore.

As a result, the property itself was overgrown and generally run down. Abandoned trailers, cars, and debris were littered across the landscape, making it less aesthetically pleasing and, ultimately, harder to sell. The property also had some wetlands on it, rendering the configuration for development more difficult.

However, the property itself was expansive. With a total of 70 acres on the Westside of Jacksonville, we saw the opportunity to get the property back on track, back on the market, and back in shape to help the owner to make the money he needed.

Here at Obi Buys, we worked with the city to come up with a plan that would work. In the end, not only were we able to buy the property, but we were able to get the owner more money than he would have initially received by selling with his agent.

What if you or someone you know has a similar situation?

This case study isn’t an isolated success story. If you’re having trouble selling your property or finding the money you know your home is worth, contact Obi Buys today. As a trusted and locally owned company, we believe in making the selling process easy, efficient, and transparent. We’ll even pay for closing costs and repairs—we’re here to solve your real estate problems. Sell your house for cash with Freedom Home Buyers today! Problem solved!

* We are not lawyers, nor are we attempting to provide legal advice in any way.  Please always seek the advice of qualified legal council if you have questions about real estate or any other legal matter.