How To Sell Your House FAST for CASH!

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Are you anxious to sell your home but dreading the time, effort and expense involved? Does the property require extensive repairs, cleaning or updates to meet code or attract sellers? Whether you’re dreading the closing costs, don’t have room in your schedule to tackle the project or are in need of a quick turnaround, Obi Buys is your solution. We are a family-owned business with 10 years of proven reliability and integrity. Let us eliminate the stress, hassle and frustration of selling a house. 

If you’re located within an hour’s drive from Jacksonville, you’re eligible for a cash deal. Provide us a few details by way of our convenient online contact form, and we’ll confirm offers over the phone. There are no downsides, hidden stipulations or unpleasant surprises from requesting an offer. We don’t share or sell you information. There is no obligation to sell. We’ll get in touch with you in a timely manner, ask some questions pertaining to the property and supply a fair offer. You’re welcome to take some time to consider options or accept our offer on the spot. The decision is totally up to you, with no pressure. 

Obi Buys is a premier home buying company in Northeast Florida and well-known for our more personalized approach. Focusing on a rewarding start-to-finish experience, we treat our sellers with respect. We work with you as partners. For anyone who feels more comfortable discussing details in-person, we invite clients to visit our office in the heart of downtown Jacksonville. You’ll find our background and professionalism a refreshing change and invaluable. Our extensive network of investors, lawyers and title companies remove obstacles that could potentially delay the buying process. There is no need to worry about staging, pay realtor fees or worry over the current market. Obi Buys takes care of everything and takes your property off your hands at a fair price. 

Get a cash offer in under an hour. Appreciate a closing within ten days. Obi Buys has handled almost two thousands sales, and we continue to assist sellers across the area, no matter the condition of the property. Give Obi a call at 904-593-4699 or take advantage of our handy online contact form. We look forward to being of service.