Looking to get rid of a house quickly?

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I recently purchased a small home in the Jacksonville, Florida, area at a very reasonable price. My goal was to flip the property and make a decent property. When I initially toured the home, I was a bit shocked by the abundance of furniture, nick-nacks and overall mess. Despite the lack of care and outdated appliances, the property seemed in decent shape. It took quite a while to close on the house. There were concerns with insurance and financing. Endless amounts of paperwork was time-consuming and frustrating. When I finally gained ownership of the property, I went to look at it. The disarray was much worse. When I pulled up, I was unable to park my car in the driveway due to the amount of garbage. There were bags of garbage as well as loose detritus spread across the lawn. I discovered broken glass in the gardens. Inside was a complete disaster. The former owners left everything behind. There was a cough and four armchairs, coffee tables, a television and even food and dirty dishes on the countertop. The refrigerator was so disgusting, I refused to touch it. There were two stained mattresses that had been badly chewed by a dog. The bathroom was a nightmare. I no longer wanted to flip the house. The smell was enough to convince me to get rid of it as quickly as possible. I called Obi Buys. The process was quick, easy and totally hassle-free. I had a cash offer within 24 hours and we closed within ten days.  I managed to make a little bit of money.