Our experience counts

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Obi Buys has 10 years of transaction experience in the Northeast Florida area, which translates into a mastering of the home buying process. Our knowledge includes problem-solving, extensive resources, and the ability to close on a property without interruptions. Offering a closing date within ten days or at your choosing gets cash in your account quickly. There are no drawbacks to requesting an offer. Completing our online form initiates a dialogue without obligation. There is no pressure to sell to us, and we don’t sell your information elsewhere. The next step is a quick call, where we ask a few questions about the property. We follow up with a fair offer, and you’re welcome to accept right on the top or take some time to think it over. Some of the many benefits of selling a home in Jacksonville for cash include no worries over what’s going on in the real estate market. There are no realtor commissions, fees, or home inspections. You aren’t asked to invest in repairs, renovations, and safety measures for a property you no longer want to own. We buy from people who are selling the house they live in as well as others who are looking to unload a rental property, inherited property foreclosures, those with tax liens, tied up in divorce, or damaged. You’ll feel a huge sense of relief when the home is no longer your responsibility. Obi Buys is a family-owned, local business. We’ve purchased somewhere around 2,000 properties in Jacksonville and aren’t scared off by the condition of the home. We look forward to providing exceptional service and a stress-free process that delivers the results you’re hoping for.