Save time, effort and expense by selling a property for cash

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The competitive real estate market in Jacksonville can make selling a house a time-consuming and stressful process. However, there is a swift, streamlined and hassle-free alternative to traditional listing. Selling a property for cash offers numerous advantages. Obi Buys provides a solution that eliminates delays, costs and labor while delivering money in hand. A family-owned, local business, we’ve helped out nearly two hundred homeowners, buying properties in all conditions. One of the biggest advantages of our approach is the quick turnaround. Traditional sales typically involve months, requiring time-consuming tasks. Finding a reputable real estate agent, listing the property, handling repairs, arranging showings and waiting for potential buyers to secure financing all takes time. If your busy life doesn’t accommodate all of that extra effort or you’d simply prefer to dedicate your time to something more productive or enjoyable, Obi closes on your preferred date or within ten days. Plus, we purchase as-is. There is no need to search for contractors, wait for estimates and invest in budget-draining repairs or renovations. You aren’t sinking money into a property that you’re eager to unload. We also eliminate the need for home inspections. There’s no worry if the HVAC needs to be replaced or electrical wiring isn’t up to code. Whether or not the roof leaks or the plumbing has seen better days, we still make you an offer. There is no pressure or obligation to accept. Simply use the form provided on this page, fill out a bit of information and get a real offer that is cash with no fees. Obi Buys has been a name to trust across Northeast Florida for 10 years. We thrive on making difficult home sales easy and rewarding for the seller.