Sell your home without the marketing fees and repairs that cut into profit

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Depending on the real estate market and mortgage rates, there’s the potential of paying more in realtor and marketing fees than a property is worth. If your home is in need of extensive repairs, the time, cost and stress quickly add up. Plus, you’re responsible for taxes, exterior upkeep and all sorts of expenses while you’re hanging onto a property you don’t want. If the buyer asks for an appraisal or a home inspection turns up new issues, there’s another round of complexities and costs. Obi buys your home exactly how it is. We save you from all this hassle and ensure a quick and seamless turnaround. There’s no fine print full of expectations that needed to be completed before closing. There’s no escrow inspections or waiting period. If you’d like to get out from under the property quickly, avoid dealing with potential buyers and enjoy convenience, we are an ideal choice. We provide cash offers. Whether you don’t have room in your schedule for paperwork, market and advertising, are faced with a family emergency or prefer not to sink money into a property you’re hoping to unload, a cash offer is easy and speedy. The process involves weeks rather than months. Rest assured, Obi Buys is always interested in houses in the Jacksonville area. Regardless of condition, we provide a fair price. Supply some basic information and receive our cash offer in less than an hour. Appreciate closing in ten days. Our experience of nearly two thousand successful and satisfying sales, we know how to avoid delays and stumbling blocks. We draw from a support system of investors, title companies and lawyers to resolve any obstacle. We’re ready to make you an offer. There’s no downside to reaching out and no obligation. Accept our offer immediately or take some time to consider options. No matter the difficulties you’re worried about, Obi Buys eliminates them!