Testimonial: Oliver

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Mr. Rountree Came to us wanting to sell a rental property he had owned for several years.  The house had fallen into disrepair and he had dealt with numerous tenantand insurance issues.  We were able to make an as-is, fair, all-cash offer.  He was happy with the price and he offered to do this little testimonial for us.  We always appreciate helping someone out with their real estate problems and it’s always nice to hear positive feedback from a satisfied client.

So what’s the bottom line?

Freedom Home Buyers is actively for more projects just like this one.  We can pay cash and close fast.  We take the home as-is, so no need for you to do any repairs.  We always strive to make the process and easy and efficient as we can, and put the maximum amount of cash in your hand.  We buy houses with:

It doesn’t matter.  Obi Buys will work with you, in and situation, to find the best possible solution.