There are many different types of buyers in residential real estate

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For anyone interested in selling their home as quickly as possible, a cash offer is a worthwhile consideration. It is the ideal solution for an expedited and hassle-free process. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, family emergency or simply don’t want to deal with listing, staging and fielding offers, cash home buyers provide a beneficial alternative. The process can be completed in under two weeks rather than the months involved with traditional methods. You can get rid of the property and still make decent money from the sale. Selling a home for cash is a lot more common than most people realize. Cash offers added up to 25% of all home sales in 2021, which is a ten percent jump from just the year before. There are home flippers who buy properties at low prices, making improvements and then sell at a much higher price to gain a profit. There are large companies that offer an all-cash purchase of a home and significantly speed up the selling process. However, these companies often sell leads, include fine print and continue to pressure homeowners who have opted out. Obi Buys is something very different and far more personalized. As a family-owned company, they are strictly concentrated in Northeast Florida. They’ve been buying homes for 10 years and have closed nearly two thousand successful deals. There is no obligation, no selling of leads and no pressure. The process begins with a simple online form. Once the form is submitted, a cash offer is provided within 24 hours. The closing typically happens in under two weeks. Homeowners aren’t required to handle any repairs, schedule inspections or pay commissions.