The Truth About Selling a Vacant House

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Do you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are trying to sell a vacant house? If so, you probably already understand the struggles that come with this type of task. 

Many people looking to get rid of unoccupied or vacant homes tend to struggle to sell their property because they don’t have time to fix it up, show it off, or work out a deal. If the empty property is a distressed house or a former rental property, this can make it even more difficult.

That is why finding a home buyer that doesn’t require all those things, like the team at Obi Buys, makes selling vacant homes a quick and easy task, guiding clients through the process step-by-step. We specialize in buying real estate that needs work, won’t require home staging, and you can skip the realtor commissions.

If you want to sell a vacant home that you used to live in, or perhaps an inherited house that you’re unsure what to do with, we will make you a fair offer, and close fast for cash.

Not everyone realizes they can call a company like Freedom to buy their vacant home without the trouble. Let’s discuss why selling a vacant house the “old way” is difficult.

Difficulties Selling a Vacant House

For many people, selling a vacant house is nearly impossible due to many different factors. Whether financial, situational, the condition of the home, or any number of reasons, many vacant homes will sit for years with no one caring for the property. This leaves homeowners stuck with a property they no longer want that is costing them money rather than bringing it in. Did we mention rising property taxes or existing liens?

So why do these factors hold people back from relieving themselves of such an unwanted burden? Let’s take a closer look.

Can’t Afford Realtor Fees

Many people opt to hire realtors when attempting to sell their occupied property. Unfortunately, these companies come with a pretty hefty realtor commission fee that some sellers simply can’t afford. In other cases, real estate agents don’t want to list a house that is vacant without first making it “show ready.” This may involve curb appeal, furniture staging, paying for working utilities, or sprucing up the overgrown “vacant lot” like appearance.

Many people who have inherited vacant property or are aiding elderly parents or other family members or friends do not have money to sell these homes the traditional way. It’s hard to find a realtor with experience selling a house as-is.

This issue can make selling vacant property nearly impossible, slowly becoming more of a financial burden than anything else.

Unkept Conditions

Another significant reason owners of vacant homes have a hard time selling is the house’s condition. 

Vacant houses often don’t have running water, electricity, or any other utilities required to keep the conditions of a home in quality standing for most home buyers and in livable order. This just isn’t the same as selling an occupied home.

If it was a rental property, the previous tenants may have left the residence in a hurry, leaving behind a bunch of junk and garbage. If the home is seen as a hoarder house with lots of belongings, it will take a special buyer to see past this and make a reasonable offer.

Animals or pests may have taken refuge there, making themselves at home in the walls and ceilings and leaving the space unhealthy, unsafe, and unsellable.

The Sellers Live Out of Town or State

Sellers trying to get rid of a property out of state or relatively far from their home can make the sale nearly impossible. 

Living far away from the vacant property you are trying to sell can create quite a problem when looking to clean it up, stage it, or show it to potential buyers. 

Property is Condemned

Many people may not know that they can still sell their home even if it is condemned by the Jacksonville municipality. 

Although these homes may not be ready for new tenants to move in at the time of the sale, they can still be sold by the right companies if they know how to navigate the legal paperwork. We at Freedom have done this many times, so if you need help with this please reach out.

Selling for Parents or Loved Ones

There are many situations where someone chooses to take on the challenges of selling a vacant home that once belonged to their parents or loved one. 

These homes are often sold as-is, or maybe they have just enough time to do a quick run-through, clear out, and sell. Far too often, those trying to help do not have the time to clean out the home properly, prepare it for walk-throughs, and show it to potential buyers. If the house is in probate, selling will require specialized experience.

Needing to Sell Due to Financial Problems

Many people find themselves moving from homes quickly due to financial issues. Selling a vacant property is stressful for those already struggling with money issues. The last thing these people want is to deal with extra financial responsibility or the challenge of selling a house with back taxes.

Solutions for Selling Vacant Homes

While the list of problems that come with selling vacant homes seems to be pretty substantial, it doesn’t mean it is out of the question.

There are ways to sell a vacant home without dealing with repairs, realtors, negotiating with a prospective buyer, or closing costs. However, it’s imperative you work with a reputable company.

Steer Clear of Typical Realtor Sales

While a real estate agent can be useful in many traditional situations, selling vacant and unused properties is not one of them. 

All too often, real estate agents focused on maximum sales price potential as it will impact their commission, and desire to get a price that benefits them. They also require the home to be in good shape, making it more appealing to potential buyers and increasing the selling price as much as possible. 

Sell It to Professionals Who Can Help

Instead of going through the long process of cleaning the house, interviewing realtors, and investing money into a house only to sell it, you should find a company that specializes in purchasing vacant homes as-is. These companies take the work out of getting rid of your unwanted property quickly and painlessly.

Companies like ours take the hassle out of selling vacant homes and make the process quicker and often more profitable on the bottom line than when working with a traditional realtor. 

How? We understand the challenges of selling a non-occupied house that is not sought after compared to homes that are in pristine condition featured in the online listings.

Watch Out For House Buyer Scams

In this business, it is easy to get swept up into a scam with “we buy ugly houses” companies who promise you the world then end up low-balling you, or not being upfront about their intentions to go find a different buyer while under contract.

You must look into the background of whatever company you plan on working with to ensure you are not dealing with home buyers that may end up leaving you high and dry in the end.

Benefits of Working With Freedom Home Buyers

Freedom Home Buyers is a no-hassle, friendly, and convenient way to sell your vacant property. Whether you are trying to get rid of an unoccupied apartment building or a home that once belonged to your parents, we pay cash for houses and will take care of your needs. Call us if you need to sell your house fast.

Need more convincing? Here are other advantages of working with Freedom Home Buyers you simply can’t pass up.

You’re Treated Like a Partner

When selling your Jacksonville home, Freedom Home Buyers works with you directly, treating you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. 

Our company likes to make it personal, giving the client complete control over the sale timing and making it a comfortable interaction.

You can go over the process with a professional step-by-step until you feel totally at ease about the transaction.

Fair Prices No Matter the Condition

Whether you are selling a run-down vacant house that has seen better days or a well-kept and maintained property, you are going to get a great offer that will make both parties happy and will keep the partnership on great terms.

Quick Offers in Unbeatable Time Frames

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than waiting on a real estate company to come back with an offer. These deliberations can take days and make the entire process seem to drag on forever.

With Freedom Home Buyers, your Jacksonville, Florida property will have an offer within an hour, at times even less, never leaving you on edge or wasting time waiting on a price.

The quickest way to get your property sold is by requesting your free offer now. It won’t take very long, and you will be working with their friendly and professional staff every step of the way.

You Can Close On Your Vacant House Sale in 10 Days or Less

Anyone who knows anything about selling property can tell you the time frame on closing can take what seems like forever. 

If you are in the Jacksonville area and working with Freedom Home Buyers, you have the advantage of closing on your home within ten days or less.

Does that time frame not work for you? Not to worry, we can also personalize the closing date to fit your schedule, making it more convenient for you. 

Never Worry About Making Costly Repairs

Unlike traditional property sales, working with Freedom Home Buyers relinquishes you from the responsibilities of repairing a distressed home before it can be sold.

This company is more than happy to purchase your property as-is, taking the hassle out of costly repairs and lengthy clean-up. 

Your time is valuable, and getting through the sales process can be overwhelming in itself, let alone having to clear the space out or clean it up.

Skip the Home Showing Process

Many people trying to get rid of the property once owned by a relative or inherited by a family member and don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning, staging, and showings.

With Freedom Home Buyers, this isn’t a job you have to deal with. Skip the virtual staging and stop worrying about things like curb appeal and a marketing strategy. Once you contact our company, the offer process begins immediately, and once a deal is done, we take things from there.

Selling Your Vacant Property the Right Way

Now that you have a good idea of how to sell your vacant property in Jacksonville, we wanted to give you a quick summary of the benefits provided to homeowners working with Freedom Home Buyers.

  • Get a fair price no matter the condition of your property
  • Work with caring, kind, and professional staff
  • Staff has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of home buying
  • A Fair cash offer is given within an hour or less
  • You are paid in cash at the final sale
  • Sale closes within ten days or on a day that best works for you
  • Never worry about costly repairs or clean-up
  • Never worry about being scammed or low-balled

If you are interested in selling your vacant property and live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, contact Obi Buys today.

Summing Things Up

Regardless of its condition, selling a vacant home is an overwhelming and stressful job. To save time, money, and anxiety, you should consider working with a company you can trust. Freedom Home Buyers has your back and will take that hard work off your shoulders quicker and easier than much of the competition.